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be offended

Be Offended

I have been watching for some time the rise of a new crime in our society — doing or saying something that (dare I say it) offends someone else. The crime of offending has already cost many good people their careers and livelihoods, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a criminal […]

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NSA Headquarters

Trust Me

(Guest Post by Vinny Moore) I don’t know who the NSA thinks it’s fooling by claiming that because it has no interest in the personal info, phone calls, emails, browsing or any other activities of U.S. citizens, it poses no threat to the privacy or constitutional rights of those citizens. The fact that it is

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It's a Wonderful Life

It’s time for a Frank Capra

Here in the 21st century we have reached a tipping point. Drastic times require drastic measures. So the saying goes. If it isn’t the omnipresent threat of terrorism, it’s the omnipresent threat of global warming. There is the religious faction dedicated to bringing Armageddon down upon us. (What’s the matter, can’t you read the signs?)

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Why is the world so dangerous?

Read or watch the news on any major media outlet and see headlines like: pet dog suddenly attacks and kills family of three, new strain of deadly bacteria found in common bread, mad cow disease kills man in Wisconsin—you could be next. These and other alarming bits of news assault our senses on a daily,

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