New Raja Williams Mystery Thriller




Meet Your New Favorite Detective Duo

Raja Williams is a brilliant private detective with a strong empathic power and a sixth sense for evil that gives him headaches and steers him straight into trouble. His partner, Vinny Moore, is a gorgeous hipster geek who prefers hacking computers to haute couture. Together they work hand-in-glove to bring justice to those who have nowhere else to turn.

What Readers Are Saying:

“Best detective since Sherlock Holmes!”

“Hats off to Jack Thompson for great thrillers that are good, clean fun.”

“From the first chapter, I was hooked. The story, the characters, and the pace were outstanding. I love Jack Thompson’s style, and I count myself among one of his newest fans.”

“Whether they go undercover or use their money and power to make good things happen, I enjoy the reads. Plenty of action, good stories and well-developed plots.”

“As opposites attract, this PI pair make an interesting team. Raja is noble, meticulous, and compassionate. Vinny is hip, carefree and a technology wiz. This is a fabulous series. Highly recommend!”

“Worth every penny for the box set, great reading, could not wait to read the next book.”

“Very enjoyable reading, keeps your attention and also has good message. Love the characters.”

If you like an entertaining mix of mystery, sleuthing, and action thrills with rich characters and real dialogue in every story, you’ll love the Raja Williams series.  READ MORE

About the Author

Jack ThompsonJack Thompson is an international bestselling author finding voices in many genres. In addition to his popular Raja Williams mystery thriller series, he writes science fiction, political thrillers, paranormal romance, children’s stories and fairy tales.

According to Jack, whether reading or writing, what makes a story great is how well it communicates to the reader. Whether presenting him with a hero he wishes he could be or a villain he chooses to hate, the characters must relate to the reader on a personal level. A reader will leave a good story in an improved condition. He may have learned something new about the world or himself, or simply been well entertained. That’s why Jack writes.