I have been watching for some time the rise of a new crime in our society — doing or saying something that (dare I say it) offends someone else. The crime of offending has already cost many good people their careers and livelihoods, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a criminal offense that warrants time in jail. So having just celebrated the Independence Day of this great nation, I thought it was time that I mention some of the things that offend me.

I’m offended that, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, men kill men because of the color of their skin.

I’m offended by a Democratic Party that offers me a candidate who, as a woman, enabled and most likely helped hide her husband’s rampant serial philandering and perversion so well that he was able to ride into the White House not once, but twice, before a stained dress exposed him to the world. And who, ironically, despite being distrusted by anyone who has watched her operate, will most likely ride into the White House solely because she is a woman. Can you say PC?

I’m offended by a Republican Party that offers me a man who, while he has exposed the Grand Old Party for the elitist old boys club that it is, prays on the disenfranchised and plays to the baser instincts in us all. At least he’s not PC. Still, you’re fired.

I’m offended by a government that spends more on military weapons of death and war than the next ten nations combined while driving our country into bankruptcy. A government who dares to send armed drones into sovereign foreign states to execute its list of chosen enemies, and then wonders why it is hated. A government that supports and arms oppressive dictators or radical rebels when that suits its agenda, and then murders them for being who they are when it doesn’t.

I’m offended by the millions (I’m not so sure that’s hyperbole) of drug commercials that tell me all the damage I will do to my body if I take the drug that the commercial claims I just can’t do without.

I’m offended by a media that pours rocket fuel on the racial, religious and social divisions that threaten the internal peace of our nation, all while pretending to be innocent observers. Stay tuned, more death at 11:00.

I’m offended by those who cry out BLACK LIVES MATTER (and I certainly agree that they do), but when a sane voice of reason suggests that ALL LIVES MATTER, they shout him (or shoot him) down and accuse him of racism and white privilege, whatever that is.

What happened to the decency that the founding fathers of our nation counted on when they started the great experiment called America? Where is the responsibility and cooperation that brought our nation to the forefront of the world?

Where is the love?

I’m just saying.


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