Jack Thompson is an international bestselling author finding voices in many genres. In addition to his popular Raja Williams mystery thriller series, Jack writes the Deadly Sins Thrillers, science fiction, political thrillers, paranormal romance, children’s stories and poetry.

The Raja Williams Mystery Thriller Series

Great escape with rich characters, twists and turns. Each book in the 12-volume series takes you on an adventure to a new location.

Brilliant. Fearless. Unstoppable. Raja Williams is a private detective who is relentless in his pursuit of justice. Neither the dark, tragic anti-hero nor the James Bond super-hero type, Raja uses his intuitive genius and penetrating empathy to unravel mysteries. He and his partner Vinny Moore, a high-tech hacker with brains and beauty, do whatever it takes to help those who have nowhere else to turn.

Jack Thompson gives his readers what they want: a good plot with a central character painted in bold colours.” – Mike Smith, e-thriller

What Readers Are Saying
Best detective since Sherlock Holmes!
I love Raja Williams. He is a brilliant private investigator with an amazing heart.
Worth every penny for the box set, great reading, could not wait to read the next book.
These are not cookie cutter mysteries. They are complex, interesting, surprising and always entertaining.

“A Classic Thriller” – Mike Smith,

Gifted P.I. Raja Williams and his partner Vinny Moore are called to Los Angeles when the young husband of a wealthy California heiress is found dead on his yacht. The trail leads to the ruthless Chiness mafia, a depraved human trafficking ring and a cover-up that may go as high as the governor’s mansion.

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“Best detective since Sherlock Holmes!”

A bold kidnapping. Modern day slave trade. An elusive criminal known only as the Scorpion.

When Raja gets a call from a frantic English professor whose wife has disappeared, he and Vinny head to Paris, France on another adventurous case.

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“I am so addicted to this character and his exploits. Another winner.”

A young lawyer dead on Mount Rainier. A savage Canadian blizzard. Toxic environmental corruption.

The discovery of a sinister scorched-earth plot to hide the truth leads Raja and Vinny to the Arctic wilds of Canada and lands them in the middle of a battle over the riches of the pristine wilderness. If assassins don’t kill them, the sub-zero weather just might.

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“You’ll enjoy this fast paced story and want more. Keep ’em coming, Jack.”

A fatal Central Park stabbing. An underground Zionist cell. The vicious Russian mob.

After an innocent Jewish woman is brutally stabbed in Central Park, private investigator Raja Williams and his partner Vinny Moore head to New York to find out why. The case takes Raja undercover into the Harlem drug scene, and puts Vinny into a Russian strip club in Brighton Beach. Stirring the pot as only Raja and Vinny can do lands them both in danger and into the crosshairs of an international assassin known only as the Spider.

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“A Real Riveting Page Turner”

A swan dive off the Bellagio. A major drug pipeline. Middle Eastern slavers.

The glitz and glamour of Sin City hide a dark underbelly of greed and corruption. When an innocent falls to her death from the top of the Bellagio, private investigator Raja Williams and his partner Vinny Moore are summoned to Las Vegas.

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“The plot is perfect. The reading is very fast paced and gripping!”

Catholic priest brutally murdered. An international counterfeiting ring. Centuries-old Vatican secrets.

Veteran police inspector Francesco Morelli finds a priest has been murdered in front of the altar. Riots threaten the city. The inspector’s own superiors and the Catholic Church demand what appears an open and shut case to be closed quickly. However, the cold blooded killer turns out to be a young man with no criminal history and no memory of the foul deed. Raja and Vinny are called to the beautiful city of Venice, Italy to help.

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“The twists and turns will keep you reading way too late.”

Deadly snakes. Determined assassins. A genocidal plot.

Private detective Raja Williams and his partner Vinny Moore travel to the land called Oz to investigate the unusual death of a grad student doing an ecological study in one of Australia’s famed eucalyptus forests. Raja’s intuitive powers and Vinny’s computer wizardry are once again tested as they hunt for the student’s killer.

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“A Must-Read Frightening Possibility”

A mayor gunned down in the street. A killer with amnesia. A dark evil hidden in the swamp.

In a city already simmering with racial conflict, the daring public assassination of its newly elected African American woman mayor lights the fuse.

A killer with no memory of committing the crime brings Raja and Vinny to the Big Easy in the middle of Mardi Gras.

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“Another great adventure. I truly couldn’t put it down!”

A political campaign turned deadly. A little girl who saw too much. An honest cop in a land of corruption.

The leading candidate for head of government in Mexico City is boldly assassinated during the campaign. When his chief political rival is arrested for the murder, Raja and Vinny are called to investigate. With ruthless drug cartels and widespread corruption blocking their path, Raja and Vinny must solve the crime and stop a deadly plot that could change Mexico forever.

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“South Africa meets Raja Williams . . . takes you into the dark side and good conquering evil does prevail even when it seems impossible. Real modern day issues at play in these books with more than average characters. Best book I’ve read in ages!”

The brutal murder of innocents. The rising drumbeat of a race war. A maniacal plan for global domination.

The slaughter of an Afrikaner farm family takes Raja and Vinny to South Africa. In a place where black and white starts or ends most arguments, the tensions rise when three black teens go on trial for a crime they didn’t commit.

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“Never disappointing , as usual entertaining and hard to put down. And always leaves you feeling better at the end.”

A racist murder. Territorial surf gangs. A drug lord peddling death.

When a white girl is found dead on the beach with a racial slur scrawled on her back, private investigator Raja Williams and his partner, Vinny Moore, land in Hawaii to help the young Native Hawaiian accused of her brutal murder.

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“If you like a murder mystery, some humor great friendships, and unusual and a little unorthodox, then this book is for you.”

Death by poison dart. Forest fires. Government greed.

When an environmental scientist studying indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest is murdered, Raja and Vinny are called to Brazil to find out why. Solving the murder takes them deep into an amazing world where nothing is small. Not the towering trees, the millions of species, or the human greed that threatens it all.

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Before Vinny, Raja worked solo. His unique connection to people and his intuitive brilliance was all he needed to solve crimes. Having a partner never crossed his mind. When he met Vinny that changed.

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Political Thriller

What happens when the government decides you are a threat to national security?
Leeland Rand finds out when the U.S. government names him a national security threat and wants him dead. Is he a killer or a pawn in a deadly game of cat and mouse? Or both?
Think Jason Bourne and The Fugitive, and enjoy this political thriller. Great characters and interaction.
Twists and turns keep the reader guessing at who the bad guy really is and leaves you wanting more. Recommended read.”

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Psychological Thriller

Is it a serial killer the FBI is hunting, a deadly and twisted blackmail plot, or something more sinister at work? Murder is never simple.

A rash of suicides among the wealthy elite in Manhattan goes unnoticed until a private investigator who was looking into one of the suicides ends up dead. Convinced there is something criminal going on, Detective Mike Stanton begins digging into the deaths and finds a mysterious young woman at the center of it all.
Without the NYPD to help him, Mike must figure it out on his own before he himself is ensnared.
When Venus Rules is a compelling, dark tale that explores obsession and the harrowing depths to which men fall when under its spell.

“Brilliantly done as a mystery within a mystery. I could not put this book down.” Amazon Reader

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Science Fiction

Science fiction has gone from an obscure scientific field of writing to a mainstream cultural phenomenon. Science fiction stories and books create universes that let all of us think outside the box of what we call normal everyday life.

From the early science fiction of Jules Verne and H.G.Wells through the Golden Age stories of Hubbard, Heinlein and Asimov and on to the many popular authors of today, science fiction and fantasy have entertained and educated millions. One of my favorites as a young lad was the Tom Swift series.

Today ideas considered fantastic when first written have become reality. Science fiction continues to point the way to the future.

In the not-too-distant future the United States sends its first manned mission to the planet Mars. When the crew of Mars Mission 31 discover an alien artifact, they learn the story of Plixon, a planet not so different from Earth where the population is monitored and controlled by a supercomputer known as the Godmachine. The story that unfolds follows the life of Ra’dall Simms, an unimportant citizen whose desperate need to make sense of his unraveling life takes him on an adventure that will change his world forever. When the returning mission crew relay the Plixon story to their superiors at NASA, there are major political implications which imperil both the lives of the astronauts and the future of Earth.

With great reviews coming in like “A chilling vision of the future with great characters to love and hate!” and “Godmachine is a great read any science fiction fan will love!” this science fiction dystopian tale promises to be another good read from Jack Thompson.

If you’ve been following the story of the recent landing of NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover, or if you’re a fan of NASA’s Apollo missions, they you’ll almost certainly enjoy reading Godmachine.
As a bonus for all readers, along with the tale of the astronauts’ journey to Mars, Thompson cleverly weaves in the tale of the Godmachine. Both stories are heart-pounding and action packed.
These stories are skillfully crafted in such a way that Thompson is able to make us take an introspective look at our own human strengths and weaknesses.
I highly recommend this book for fans of Science Fiction and Space Travel, or for anyone who’s just looking for a quality book that’s fun to read.   Blase Ciabaton, Twisted Sci Fi  

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Children’s Stories

In this book you will find four of my favorite children’s stories: Lost in the Woods, The Dog Prince, The Wonderkind and The Last Magician. They are suitable to be read to kids as bedtime stories or for kids to read by themselves.


This is a collection of four tales to enthrall children and delight adults….valuable story of lessons to be learned and practiced by not just children, but perhaps many adults. I thoroughly enjoyed these stories written by a very talented author who promises to bring us more outstanding, creative tales.”
Reading these stories, I was just as entertained as my children.”
Move over Lewis Carroll. Move over Lewis Carroll. Fun London is your newest competition…”

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Short Stories


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