Freedom's Flight

Freedom’s Flight

We wanted the truth but they only lied Took media, schools and the net. And the better we did the harder they tried, The country was clueless while decency died. They censored our voice, mandated the shot Poked, masked and locked us up. Shamed us and fired us for saying we’d not, And when it […]

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Ode to Brandon

It’s beginning to look a lot like tyranny, everywhere you go; with mandates for mask and shot, whether immune or not, and vaccine ID papers you must show. It’s beginning to look a lot like tyranny, tracked forever more; but the scariest sight you’ll see is the warrant that will be on your own front

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raj and vinny

Need a break?

Hi. My name is Jack Thompson. I’m an avid reader and the author of the popular Raja Williams Mystery Thriller Series. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but recently there seems to be an awful lot of bad news. With the election approaching I fear the invitations to hate will only get worse. If you’re

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living color

Living Color

As endless days count down to mark the year, We wish that all our troubles disappear. Whatever sorrows gripped us in the past, We hope and pray that somehow they won’t last. The wretched souls believe their fate is sealed, And wait for destiny to be revealed. They fear the die is cast, their future

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