Why is the world so dangerous?


Read or watch the news on any major media outlet and see headlines like: pet dog suddenly attacks and kills family of three, new strain of deadly bacteria found in common bread, mad cow disease kills man in Wisconsin—you could be next. These and other alarming bits of news assault our senses on a daily, or depending on how much TV you watch, an hourly basis.


Is it any wonder that people don’t trust each other? Is it any wonder that racial, political, religious and economic differences have fractured us apart?

Here’s an idea: take a moratorium from all the bad news. Give yourself a break. Two weeks without one headline or one news blurb. Is there really any information you couldn’t do without? Not one bit.

Try it. No news for two weeks. I warn you, though, it’s not as easy as you think. Think you can simply stop watching the newscast at dinner or late night and avoid the assault? Think again. They’ve got that covered. You’ll still be hit with scare headlines throughout the day and night on the internet and in the middle of television shows. And woven throughout you will be alerted to a wide variety of new illnesses to choose from, coupled with the litanies of horrible side effects should you choose to take the medicines you are being told you must now take.

Try it yourself. Go two weeks–no news, no commercials, no bad news. Take a walk. Talk to a neighbor. See how you feel. You may find the world is a far more pleasant and far less dangerous place than you ever imagined.

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