Sue Storm Interviews Raja

Clearwater Beach

On May 3, 2013 Sue Storm, top television reporter for Channel 30 in Los Angeles, interviewed Raja Williams at his home.

Sue: I’m here at the exclusive Clearwater Beach, Florida home of Raja Williams, world renowned private investigator. Thank you for inviting me, Raja.

Raja: My pleasure, Sue.

Sue: To start, tell us a little about how you became a private investigator.

Raja: As you may or may not know, my family history includes a last minute escape from Cuba at the time it fell into Castro’s hands. My father told me many stories about the injustices taking place and always regretted not having done more to help other people. When my parents were killed in a plane crash I inherited a great deal of money, more than anyone could reasonably spend on themselves. I decided that I would honor my father by using my wealth to lend a hand to individuals who are having a difficult time getting justice. The skill set of a private investigator seemed the best way to fulfill that role. So here I am today.

Sue: Very interesting. It’s my understanding that, unlike many other private investigators, you don’t carry a gun. Is that dangerous?

Raja: It’s been my experience that bringing a gun is what tends to escalate situations toward violence. I find that my communication skills are my best weapon. Besides, one of my rules is: He who has the gun last wins. I’m very skilled with guns and, if I need one, I just take it from someone else.

Sue: Since you mentioned it, I did want to ask about “Raja’s Rules” and how those got started.

Raja: Really that was my partner Vinny Moore. She began to collect and number the principles that I try to follow in doing my investigations. She calls them “Raja’s Rules.”

Sue: How many rules are there? Can you give us a couple more examples?

Raja: I don’t know how many there are. You’d have to ask Vinny that.

One is: Don’t sleep with the client. And its corollary: Don’t sleep with the suspect. I have to admit, I learned both of those the hard way.

Another one is: Trust your instincts. In the course of doing investigations I discovered that I have pretty good instincts when it comes to solving a case.

Sue: I’d like to ask more about your instincts. I’ve heard that you have some unusual abilities.

Raja: You might be referring to the headaches I get when I’m getting close to danger. I think of it like the “spidey sense” that Spiderman had. Although I could do without the headache part, it does come in handy when I cross paths with evil.

Sue: Having met you before during a case in Los Angeles, I know you’re not the typical private eye, shooting pictures of marital infidelity from behind some bushes. That case spanned several major crimes and ended up reaching into the governor’s office. Are all your cases so expansive?

Raja: You know, Sue, that case started as a simple murder investigation. However, it reminds me of another one of my rules: If you see a bad situation, you should do something about it. Often when investigating I run across bad things that are not part of my case. I try not to ignore them but to do my best to fix them. I’ve discovered that the world is a lot more connected than it appears.

Sue: It’s my understanding that you are somewhat of a sports car buff. Is it true that you have cars in many cities around the world?

Raja: Yes, I’m addicted to classic roadsters and I do have a number of them garaged in major cities for my use.

Sue: I met your partner Vinny who is not only a talented hacker but a beautiful young woman. You’re both single. Is there anything else going on between you two besides your work together?

Raja: Vinny and I are partners and best of friends but that’s really as far as it goes. You are right though, she is a hacker extraordinaire and a gorgeous babe. You better strike that last part or Vinny will have my head. Did I mention she has a black belt in several martial arts?

Sue: She sounds like a great asset. Are you working on a case right now?

Raja: I just finished a major case in Seattle involving international corporations and environmental pollution. You’ll soon be seeing the fallout from that case in the news.

Sue: I’ll be looking for it. It sounds like great material for a follow-up interview. I appreciate your taking the time to talk to me today, Raja. Keep up the good work.

Raja: Thanks, Sue. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you.

Raja met Sue Storm while on a case in Los Angeles. Get the details and results of the case here.

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