It’s time for a Frank Capra

Here in the 21st century we have reached a tipping point. Drastic times require drastic measures. So the saying goes. If it isn’t the omnipresent threat of terrorism, it’s the omnipresent threat of global warming.

There is the religious faction dedicated to bringing Armageddon down upon us. (What’s the matter, can’t you read the signs?) The great scientific minds see an ironically similar version of Armageddon on the horizon, called singularity, where we all burn in a glowing blur of rapid technological advancement racing out of control. How many versions of Windows can there be?

Or, worse than any of those, we suffer from the omnipresence of Democrats. (and Republicans—don’t read anything political into that) It’s either too much government or not enough government, but always the other guy’s fault. Hasn’t that tune gotten old? There just might be a reason that the US Congress has an approval rating that falls on the scale somewhere between Hitler and Satan.

It’s time for a Frank Capra.

There comes a time in every great nation when the tipping point is reached. Where we either go sailing down into the abyss with one last insane whee, or we dig down through the bad news and blame and dust off some of the truth that makes life worth fighting for. There is a reason we all watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year. (or should) There is a reason we cheer for the good guys, the decent guys to win. Deep down every one of us knows that we are good guys.

There will be those who claim a happy ending is trite, that good guys finish last, that you have to fight fire with fire and the punishment must fit the crime. But aren’t those really the rants of those already on the toboggan ride down?

My appeal is to the many who are kind of heart, the forgiving and helpful many who sincerely wish themselves and others to survive and thrive. I know you are out there.

It’s time for a Frank Capra.

We need someone to remind us not of the depraved or despicable few, but of the determined and decent many who provide the backbone of any great civilization. Someone who will lift our spirits above the fray, not grind them into the earth.

It’s time for a Frank Capra.


7 thoughts on “It’s time for a Frank Capra”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Jack. That’s why I wrote Nobility, a thriller blending smoothly Hitchcock and Frank Capra. Pickpockets are working a train Christmas Eve, with only two to stop them: a broken man and a strange beauty who’s no angel…yet. Readers can check it out on Amazon Kindle if they’re into happy endings that are hard-won but uplifting.

  2. How lovely. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It’s a beautifully bright late summer day. The skies are clear but that impending doom is ever-present. We are reminded of it constantly now that the presidential campaign is in full swing. Some don’t know who to believe, even the lines between good and evil have been obliterated, not blurred. It is indeed time for a Frank Capra. A reminder of something we all agree on.


  3. It’s to the point I don’t think Frank Capra is even going to help! With that said though if you don’t turn on the TV and listen to all the lies and rhetoric, the world is still a pretty awesome place! Use TV strictly what it was intended to be used for, entertainment. Didn’t you Parents tell you that you can’t believe anything you see on TV! They were and still are correct! If you listen to them and apply it to every channel on, it can really put your life into perspective.

  4. What a great post! Love your reference to Frank Capra. I couldn’t agree with you more. I also like the way your wrote it. I think now that there’s been one pres. debate and one vp debate, it’s going to get woolier and woolier. Hoping for a Hollywood ending, the old-fashioned kind.

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