Holiday Greeting

Ode to Brandon

It’s beginning to look a lot like tyranny, everywhere you go; with mandates for mask and shot, whether immune or not, and vaccine ID papers you must show. It’s beginning to look a lot like tyranny, tracked forever more; but the scariest sight you’ll see is the warrant that will be on your own front […]

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living color

Living Color

As endless days count down to mark the year, We wish that all our troubles disappear. Whatever sorrows gripped us in the past, We hope and pray that somehow they won’t last. The wretched souls believe their fate is sealed, And wait for destiny to be revealed. They fear the die is cast, their future

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holiday spirit

Holiday Spirit

’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, As we sat at our screens using nary a mouse. Soothing voices with names like Alexa and Siri Massaged our minds and answered our queries. A sudden soft jingle stirred memories past Of a man with a beard and a manger, but alas The only

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What Precious Gift

What Precious Gift

What precious gift cannot be sent, A cup poured gets fuller still; A golden coin that is never spent, A space you cannot fill. A lack of which will weigh you down, Lead boots of nothing there; A flood in which you cannot drown, A game where all is fair. If ever you should come

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Dove of Peace


“Be courageous,” said the general, “We’ve got enemies to kill. Double time for one and all There’s blood we need to spill.” Never hesitate to make him bleed, It’s either him or you. Never doubt the deadly deed, You know what you must do. He hates you, so hate in kind, He deserves the worst

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holiday tradition

Holiday Tradition

Twas the night before Christmas as we sat down to eat, Getting everyone home had been a herculean feat; My youngest had been at his soccer club game, My daughter was out with the boy with no name, My first born had tried to hang back at his dorm, My wife went to brave the

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