Dove of Peace

“Be courageous,” said the general,
“We’ve got enemies to kill.
Double time for one and all
There’s blood we need to spill.”

Never hesitate to make him bleed,
It’s either him or you.
Never doubt the deadly deed,
You know what you must do.

He hates you, so hate in kind,
He deserves the worst you give.
You can share no peace of mind
Only one of you can live.

Is there courage found in killing?
Death will knock on every door.
Find the courage to be willing
And make friends instead of war.

The battle lies within the dove
In every human heart.
Real courage comes in finding love
When hatred begs the part.

Don’t count courageous victories
By bodies dead and gone;
Take aim to make your courage count
For those who will live on.

Copyright 2015 Jack Thompson

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