’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
As we sat at our screens using nary a mouse.
Soothing voices with names like Alexa and Siri
Massaged our minds and answered our queries.

A sudden soft jingle stirred memories past
Of a man with a beard and a manger, but alas
The only bells ringing were alerts to my phone
That announced the arrival of an Amazon drone.

Cornucopian life at the touch of a switch,
An all you can eat buffet for the rich,
But if all that I want is all that I need,
Should not my happiness be guaranteed?

That’s when something outside grabbed my attention,
A light in the sky of singular dimension.
I walked to my pool with its infinite edge
And cautiously tiptoed out to the ledge.

Though the city below was hidden in night
My shadow was cast and the air filled with light.
I turned to find out what had given me vision
Was a star from the east that had suddenly risen.

It was then that I realized that holiday spirit
Is more than a tree with presents placed near it;
It is more than a tweet or a picture to post;
It is family and friends, and spiritual hope.

© 2017 Jack Thompson

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