Freedom's Flight

Freedom’s Flight

We wanted the truth but they only lied Took media, schools and the net. And the better we did the harder they tried, The country was clueless while decency died. They censored our voice, mandated the shot Poked, masked and locked us up. Shamed us and fired us for saying we’d not, And when it […]

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What Precious Gift

What Precious Gift

What precious gift cannot be sent, A cup poured gets fuller still; A golden coin that is never spent, A space you cannot fill. A lack of which will weigh you down, Lead boots of nothing there; A flood in which you cannot drown, A game where all is fair. If ever you should come

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Celebrate Freedom

To those who know that they are free,To those who recognize all spirits must be free,To those who wear the mantle of responsibility,To those who sweat and bleed and fight for you and me,To those who make the world as good as it can be,To those who keep the flame of freedom burning bright,To those

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