Freedom's Flight

We wanted the truth but they only lied
Took media, schools and the net.
And the better we did the harder they tried,
The country was clueless while decency died.

They censored our voice, mandated the shot
Poked, masked and locked us up.
Shamed us and fired us for saying we’d not,
And when it was over they hoped we forgot.

They stole an election and seated a phony
Basement Joe netted 81 mill.
Claimed it was righteous and fed us baloney,
Threw out our lawsuits and denied testimony.

And when we protested they ran a false flag
Made a mere riot seem worse.
Pulled insurrection from out of their bag,
Arrested every J6er they managed to snag.

It could have been different if liberals still spoke
But Neo-Marxists grabbed the helm.
And what truly matters is who is more woke,
All rhyme and reason has gone up in smoke.

The left say they’re tolerant, inclusive and fair
Defending democracy for all.
Yet hate and division designed just to scare,
Censorship and punishment their only ware.

We have a republic that we do want to keep
Though many are trying to kill it.
We better act soon before we get in too deep,
Lest the price we must pay will be too steep.

Having freedom is rare on a planet like this
Slavery is often preferred.
But revolutions are notoriously hit or miss,
And can land good citizens in the abyss.

Like life that begins to die at first frost
And is buried in the ground.
Without freedom all that matters is lost,
So it is we must pay whatever the cost.

So fight we might if it’s freedom we desire
It never does comes cheap.
But death does little if any to inspire,
When the blood of patriots fuel the fire.

I’d like to think we could all get along
And make a better world.
But peace requires a Herculean strong,
And the iron will to rise above the throng.

But man is good and the spark is still bright
For freedom’s bell to ring.
There is time for day to win over night,
And for freedom’s flight, and for freedom’s flight.

© 2023 Jack Thompson

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