Need for a Renaissance in Education

Some of you know, and others don’t, that I have been a professional private tutor over the last two decades. I have seen the continued decline of the public and private school system; so much so, that I feel compelled to do more about it. Therefore, I have been been working on finding and creating easy-to-use, basic educational materials for parents, teachers and students. My first book, Knowing Numbers, is now available in ebook form, soon to be paperback as well. It is a tool to introduce children as young as three to numbers. I am also launching a podcast and newsletter to address education that will complement what I am calling The Basic Education Series of books.

These I am publishing under my full name, Edward Jack Thompson. I invite you to check out the first book. Here are the links:

You should also subscribe to my free newsletter and podcasts at: I will address big pharma’s role in education, mental health of our children, the dumbing of America, the attack on families and freedom, censorship in academia, lost knowledge and many important educational topics.

I hope you will contribute to the renaissance in education. It is much needed and our country’s future success depends on it.

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