About Vinny

Raja Williams and Vinny Moore’s paths crossed in the Caribbean. At the time, Vinny had been coerced into working for the government after being busted hacking an NSA mainframe. It was common practice for the spy agencies. They liked “hiring” criminals. By nature criminals have no problem breaking the law, and the threat of prison works surprisingly well to keep people doing your bidding.

Vinny had escaped the NSA’s control only after publicly releasing some of their own confidential files. Although unable to trace the leak to her, the agency realized they had a tiger by the tail and decided to cut her loose with the mutual agreement to leave each other alone. She joined Raja when she found out that he dedicated himself and the considerable resources he had inherited from his family to doing good. Vinny quickly became a vital part of Raja’s investigations.

Vinny loves to push Raja’s buttons with the hipster lingo she is constantly picking up on the internet. Despite her teasing, she is Raja’s best friend.

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The Caribbean Caper (When Raja Met Vinny)

The death of a prominent banker takes Raja on a case to his home turf, the Caribbean.

Vinny, a talented hacker who got caught with her hand in the government’s cookie jar, is pressed into service helping a CIA task force stop a prolific cocaine smuggling operation in the Caribbean.

When the cases cross, Raja and Vinny meet with explosive results. They are as different as night and day, but together they form a powerfully effective crime-fighting team.

What Readers Are Saying About Raja and Vinny:

“As opposites attract, this P.I. pair make an interesting team. Raja is noble, meticulous, and compassionate. Vinny is hip, carefree and a technology wiz.”

“Love Raja and Vinny. They complement each other so well. What a team!”

“Raja and Vinny prove why opposites attract. Great crime-fighting duo.”

“I really enjoy Raja and Vinny. More! More!”

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