The Power of Kind

The Power of Kind

Where is the merry and happy this year?
Where is the peace, the goodwill and the cheer?
Distrust and dislike, accusations and lies
Have filled the airwaves and darkened the skies.

Some say Armageddon has finally come,
The end of life’s game with a zero sum;
Time to suffer the slings, accept the abuse,
Turn your face down and cry what’s the use.

Some instigate violence and proselytize hate,
Kill or be killed is their chosen fate;
Danger lurks everywhere waiting to pounce,
So don’t give an inch and don’t give an ounce.

But I hear another most rarified voice
Offering up an alternative choice;
A voice that can carry across time and space,
No matter how distant or dreary the place.

Some call it conscience, an inner reminder,
A call not to arms but to care and be kinder.
Some say it’s a message divine from above
To care and to help, to live and to love.

A rhythm that beats in each heart you find,
A pulse that can penetrate darkness of mind,
A wave that can wash the well of the soul,
A powerful gift that can render man whole.

So remember whenever invited to hate,
There’s a higher route to a far better fate;
Take it to heart and keep it in mind,
In the spirit of love lies the power of kind.

Copyright © 2018 Jack Thompson

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