Reader Survey

Reader Survey

1. Copy the following questions,
2. paste them into an email,
3. type in your answers and
4. send them to me (jack @

When I get your answers, I’ll email you links to a free short story (A Trick of the Eye) and a collection of articles related to the Raja Williams series.

Where do you go to find books?


Approximately how many books do you read in a year?


What is your favorite fiction genre?


What do you enjoy most about reading a book?


Name your top 3 favorite authors.


Which Jack Thompson books have you read?

The Rand Principle
The Caribbean Caper (When Raja Met Vinny)
The Color of Greed
C’est la Vie
Swimming Upstream
Diamonds Never Die
Muerte en Las Vegas
Vendetta in Venice
Death Down Under
Buried in the Bayou
The Mexican Way
Colors That Bleed
Murder in Paradise
Tipping Point