A Trick of the Eye

A story of survival, love and destiny.

“The short tale drew me in with the setting of a young girl at peace with the desert. Her personal history was woven skillfully into the story without my noticing it was a descriptive element. In fact, both main characters are drawn subtly, yet thoroughly, I felt I would recognize both.

“This was wonderfully written, told a super story, and was satisfying on many levels. I recommend this to anyone who wallows in short stories, as do I. Jack Thompson is the real deal…”

-Amazon Reviewer

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A Trick of the Eye

Poems by Jack Thompson

My World

Her radiant light and warming glow,
A constant beam and trusted flow,
Such admiration given so
Doth soothe my soul and help me grow.

I gaze upon her lofty peaks,
Protected from all windy shrieks.
With granite certainty she speaks
Of heights and vistas that I seek.

She blossoms with her petals wide,
Extending with a spectral pride,
Inviting me to light inside
And drink the nectar she provides.

She wraps me up in a Christmas bow.
I prance about, but always know
It’s she who grooms me head to toe
And makes me feel like best in show.

I see her love in every smile,
A beacon marking every mile,
To give my life a little style
And beckon me to stay awhile.

The planets on their solar sleigh,
The stars that paint the Milky Way,
Galactic wheels that spin and whir
Have nothing on my world with her.


I Do

Do I hold your hand with pride
and a smile I couldn’t hide?
Do I take a longer walk
just so I can hear you talk?

Do I feel the sun’s embrace
when I look upon your face?
Do I think you highest fashion
and burn hot with flaming passion?

Do I hunger for tomorrow
when today you cry in sorrow?
Do I feel the dagger’s real
when it’s your flesh under steel?

Do I think of every day
as good reason I should stay?
Do I speak of you in boast
and brag you up the most?

Do I hold you to my heart
as I did right from the start?
Do I want you by my side
and to have you as my bride?

The answer isn’t new
but I assure you that it’s true.
I do.
I do.


The Girl I Know

I’ve known her for the longest time and tethered by her side,
I’ve docked to her integrity and weathered rushing tide.
I’ve noticed that she tends to things with pride not vanity,
I’ve counted on her honest view to keep my sanity.

I’ve taken time to feel the depth of passion in her soul,
I’ve held her in my arms at night when stress has taken toll.
I’ve watched her work with caring hand to help another win,
I’ve wondered where she gets the will that reaches from within.

I’ve benefited from her gift to make a person tall,
I’ve stood behind her fierce defense and never had to fall.
I’ve felt the fire that’s in her heart and warmed myself aglow,
I’ve gazed into her loving look and seen the girl I know.



She asked me what I liked the most and put me on the spot;
I said that it would take too long to pick one from the lot.
But when she smiled the die was cast, my choice already made;
There’s magic in her smile that brings the sunlight to the shade.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t get enough of everything I’ve seen;
I love her nose, I love her toes and all that lies between.
I even love the fashion show that comes before a date,
The way she curls her hair before she has to make it straight.

Her eyes or ears, her legs or arms, no matter what you pick,
They’re off the charts, beyond the top of any measuring stick.
But when a smile breaks into view and dominates her face,
All the rest are relegated to a distant second place.

Some say you count the teeth as the measure of a smile,
Others say only whiteness can be the judge of style.
But I don’t think there’s any gain, cosmetically speaking,
That translates into love or trust or anything I’m seeking.

A smile that makes a joyful leap to welcome my arrival,
A smile that puts the guarantee into love’s survival,
A smile that makes performance art out of my silly wit,
A smile that tells me gently when it’s time for me to quit.

A smile that finds me lost and guides me back to solid ground,
A smile that never questions when my logic isn’t sound.
And if my notes don’t harmonize, my words can find no rhyme,
A smile will smooth the mix and forgive me every time.

I’d rather never pick just one, the rest cast out of favor;
My love of chocolate doesn’t mean I can’t love other flavors.
She forced my hand, so then I said the Cheshire cat she’d be,
So nothing could erase the smile that’s smiling down on me.


The Look

There’s something in the look she gives
That takes me to a place that lives
Beyond the mortal bonds of earth
That hold a man below his worth.

A look that lets me spread my wings
and fly out beyond Saturn’s rings,
Where stars eternal brighten night
And I can be what e’er I might.

A knight astride an armored horse
With lance held steadily on course,
determined to defend her name
And bring swift justice to her claim.

My hand on Pegasus’ white mane
soaring o’er the golden plain,
Where mortals only hope to be
And gods alone can frolic free.

Perhaps a pirate on a clipper ship
Setting sail on a treasure trip
To lands wherever the wind brings,
When halyards hum adventure sings.

With a courteous cavalier like me
No distressed damsel will ever be
Left to fend when villains vie,
One flash of steel and they would fly.

The look that grants exalted life
Makes a king’s trumpet of a peasant’s fife,
Its magic turns an ordinary clyde
To a prince who loves his princess bride.

There’s something in the look she gives
That takes me to a place that lives
Beyond the mortal bonds of earth
That hold a man below his worth.



I found a magic universe
where flowers always bloom
and trees grow forever.

I found a magic universe
where I can stand on clouds
and see forever.

I found a magic universe
where I can fly to the stars
and be forever.

I found a magic universe
where I can love completely
and be loved forever.

I found a magic universe
I found you.


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