My World

Her radiant light and warming glow,
A constant beam and trusted flow,
Such admiration given so
Doth sooth my soul and help me grow.

I gaze upon her lofty peaks,
Protected from all windy shrieks.
With granite certainty she speaks
Of heights and vistas that I seek.

She blossoms with her petals wide,
Extending with a spectral pride,
Inviting me to light inside
And drink the nectar she provides.

She wraps me up in a Christmas bow.
I prance about, but always know
It’s she who grooms me head to toe
And makes me feel like best in show.

I see her love in every smile,
A beacon marking every mile,
To give my life a little style
And beckon me to stay awhile.

The planets on their solar sleigh,
The stars that paint the Milky Way,
Galactic wheels that spin and whir
Have nothing on my world with her.

Published in Lyrics for Living
Copyright 2011 Jack Thompson

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