About Raja Williams

Raja Williams

Rather than the typical down and out, broken, alcoholic private investigator found in many stories (admittedly a successful character, rich in nuance), Raja Williams is an independently wealthy, Oxford-educated private investigator with a mission to bring justice to the underdogs he encounters. He does not carry a gun but he knows how to use one, and he has a sixth sense that leads him straight to trouble. Raja has an ethical code of conduct that his partner calls “Raja’s Rules.” Following his rules sometimes throws Raja into a worse tangle of trouble than he should tackle but, lucky for him, he has some very resourceful friends.

Vinny Moore

Raja’s main investigative partner is a strong female character whose top-level hacker skills help Raja crack his cases. Vinny once worked for the U.S. government until she purposely made herself more trouble than they could handle so they would cut her loose. She loves to push Raja’s buttons with the hipster lingo she is constantly picking up on the internet. Despite her teasing, Vinny is Raja’s best friend.

The button-down, Oxford-educated Raja Williams and the hipster, wild-child hacker Vinny Moore make a strange pairing but they work hand-in-glove. The two of them do whatever it takes to bring justice to those who have nowhere else to turn.


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Get started with this package which includes the first book in the Raja Williams Mystery Series, The Color of Greed, and introduces Raja Williams, an empathic private detective with a nose for trouble and a strong desire to help. His partner Vinny takes care of the high-tech detective work. Also included is the prequel, When Raja Met Vinny, the back story that fans asked for.

These books are what I call good, clean fun. That is something I can always use more of in my life, and I’m betting you could, too. –Jack Thompson

About the Books

The Color of Greed

What do a private detective, a hacker and an assassin have in common? The desire to help when justice needs a hand.

The young husband of a wealthy heiress is found dead on his yacht floating off the California coastline. The grieving widow, certain her husband was murdered but getting no help from the police, turns to Raja Williams, a wealthy Oxford-educated private investigator, who has dedicated his resources to help those in need of justice.

When Raja arrives in Los Angeles and more bodies begin to pile up, he suspects a cover up that may go as high up as the governor. With the help of his partner Vinny, a highly skilled hacker, Raja must unravel the case before everyone involved, including the two of them, winds up dead.


“a classic thriller” e-thriller.com

“Exciting, Suspenseful, Thrilling” Mallory Heart Reviews

“fast paced, full of action, and dripping with mystery” The Reading Diaries

“I really couldn’t put this one down. . .I loved it” Sweet Mystery Books

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When Raja Met VinnyFind out how it all started in this special release novella available only to subscribers:
The death of a prominent banker takes Raja on a case to his home turf, the Caribbean.

Vinny, a talented hacker who got caught with her hand in the government’s cookie jar, is pressed into service helping a CIA task force stop a prolific cocaine smuggling operation in the Caribbean.

When the cases cross, Raja and Vinny meet with explosive results.

“Raja and Vinny prove why opposites attract. Great crime-fighting duo.”

“I can’t get enough of Raja Williams . . . he’s my man!!”