A Valentine for Lucky

In memory of a good friend, Lucky. (also known as Mister Handsome, Schmoo, Gemmy, Big Moose, Mister Awesome, Luck Dragon and Luckylu)

Lucky Drawing by Casey Thompson

When morning starts the day anew
and sunlight melts the morning dew,
no sun could ever warm our place
like your wagging tail and eager face.

Every morning when we went for walks
you’d prance along my side;
you always did your job so well,
a constant source of pride.

You greeted people graciously
with a welcome at the door;
you made them feel at home
and kept them coming back for more.

When times got rough and spirits dark
you pulled us up with a playful bark;
A better friend could ne’er be found
to cheer my life in ways profound.

I wish that you could be with us
and share this Valentine,
and run the yard and make your bed
and snuggle into mine.

You helped us all and kept us safe
and barked away our fears
you gave our lives great happiness
for over thirteen years.

But here the bodies are made of meat
and life is good, but short and sweet.
Life’s bumps and bruises take their toll
and wear you down and make you old.

So in a universe I create some things will have to change;
to some it might seem silly and to others rather strange:
A moon that’s made of marshmallow, and everyone can fly
where rivers run with chocolate and the dogs would never die.

How often people used to say your name’s the perfect one,
they’d see our love and fancy treats and all that We had done.
But now I see it’s what You gave with all your worldly powers
that made your name so apropos; the Luck was really ours.

You’ve heard it said for all good things there has to come an end
but in this case, I disagree; this rule I must amend.
For all the joy and happiness you’ve freely given me
I raise this toast to a great new life and a chance for you to go free.

poem © Jack Thompson
artwork © Casey Thompson

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