A Trick of the Eye

Tohono Sihu loved the desert. Some mornings she would stand watching the sunrise and find herself still standing and watching hours later. Although the desert plain was relatively flat and even, there were subtle variations. She knew every one of them like the back of her hand. Today as she scanned the desert, there was something out of place, something that felt alien and threatening to her.

She relaxed and let herself flow out across the sands, the way Sleeping Bear had taught her, extending her perception beyond its normal range. At its farthest reach just left of due east, she saw a tiny black dot that didn’t belong there. She stood perfectly still, like a hungry desert owl locked in on a tiny spot far below, waiting for the spot to move and turn into a tasty desert mouse.

“A Native American-themed Gem” – 5-star Amazon Review:
I loved this short story. Simply written, strikes just the right pace and tone for the occurrences. A romance with feeling and care for the Native American setting, and an unexpected ending. It conveys movingly the feeling and reality shifts so much a part of this spiritual people.

What would you do if you were lost in the desert?

Can two people from hostile cultures overcome their differences?

A Trick of the Eye is a story of survival, love and destiny.

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