road to freedom

Where Freedom Lives

I went to sea and rode a whale and asked if he could take me to find where freedom lives. I nearly drowned. I soaked up life and drank too much trying to find freedom living in the bottom of a bottle. It was empty. I wandered desert’s scorching sun where life fights for every […]

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The Power of Kind

The Power of Kind

Where is the merry and happy this year? Where is the peace, the goodwill and the cheer? Distrust and dislike, accusations and lies Have filled the airwaves and darkened the skies. Some say Armageddon has finally come, The end of life’s game with a zero sum; Time to suffer the slings, accept the abuse, Turn

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Memory Lane

“Good morning, sunshine.” A large black man in a green nurse’s aide uniform pulled the window curtains back and the morning sun splashed the room with bright light. The gray in his hair put him on the north side of fifty. “Time to rise and shine, George.” The old man blinked several times trying to

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holiday spirit

Holiday Spirit

’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, As we sat at our screens using nary a mouse. Soothing voices with names like Alexa and Siri Massaged our minds and answered our queries. A sudden soft jingle stirred memories past Of a man with a beard and a manger, but alas The only

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Raja and Vinny Go Down Under

I’ve always been fascinated with Australia. It started when I watched the Crocodile Dundee movie, but my interest really ramped up when I visited the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa and saw a 3D IMAX movie on Australia. The scenic tour from an airplane view showed a land that was otherworldly, like nothing

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What Precious Gift

What Precious Gift

What precious gift cannot be sent, A cup poured gets fuller still; A golden coin that is never spent, A space you cannot fill. A lack of which will weigh you down, Lead boots of nothing there; A flood in which you cannot drown, A game where all is fair. If ever you should come

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