Death Down Under Excerpt

Death Down Under

I’m going to release the next Raja Williams book, Death Down Under soon. Raja and Vinny are in the land of koalas and kangaroos doing battle with the dark forces that have led to the murder of a graduate student doing an environmental study in the majestic eucalyptus forests of Queensland.

Here is an excerpt:

“Jack, come on. You gotta smile, mate.”

Jack Martin stood with one foot on the back of a huge croc. A big man with rippling muscles that stretched the shirt he wore, he also held out a large snake with his left hand. A photographer waited behind a camera tripod. Both animals had been tranked, but the picture wouldn’t show that. “Bugger off. I was smiling,” said Jack.

“Sure, Jack, looking good. One more time.” It was hard to argue with a man that big.

Jack Martin thought he was going to be the next Steve Erwin. He was a strapping specimen of a man. He had all the skills, knowledge and experience in the outback to be a top-notch Australian nature expert. He also had the personality of a pit viper, and it showed.

“Come on, baby, you can do it.” The cheerleader for Jack came in the most unlikely form. Becka rubbed the snake tattoo that curled around her right arm from her wrist to her shoulder. Still healing, it was something she had gotten after falling in with Jack a month back. She was flirting with a guy in a bar when Jack had walked up and told the guy to bugger off. One look at Jack and the guy left. For Becka it was love at first sight.

All told, Becka had sixteen tattoos, one for each of the men she had picked along the way to be her soulmate. The only other tattoo that was readily visible was the black widow spider and web that circled her neck. That one had been for Rocco. She was sure he was the one until he got seven years at Woodford prison for armed robbery. The remainder of her tattoos were more strategically located. The only question was whether she would find the right guy before she ran out of skin.

“You’re Jack Martin, baby. Show ’em those beautiful teeth.”

Jack forced a smile and the camera started clicking.

“Okay that’s a wrap,” said the photographer. “I think we got some good ones.” He didn’t think that but what could he say.

See you in Oz.

Jack Thompson is an international bestselling author finding voices in many genres. In addition to his popular Raja Williams mystery series, Jack writes science fiction, political thrillers, paranormal romance, children’s stories and fairy tales.

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